Reveal! Kulusevski engine is fast because it’s not sweet as per Conte’s order.

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Dejan Kulusevski the attacker Tottenham Hotspur who attended the event in January 2022. But is able to adapt so quickly that he has influenced the team in the offensive football game almost immediately. Because he listened to the advice of head coach Antonio Conte on diet. Especially by refraining from sweets and soft drinks.

According to ‘ Mail Online ‘  the Swedish star who moved from Juventus to the ‘ Golden Spikes ‘ club on loan. With an option to buy out of £ 29.3million has become a frontman with Harry Kane and Son HeungMin. Who UFABET are gone willing to make professional changes in their lives. According to Conte .  

The 21 -year -old’s free time after major training sessions is spent reading. Doing yoga to stretch his muscles to improve flexibility and taking his favorite dog for walks. 

In addition, the 21 -year-old footballer gave up as he wanted. Reject ever favorites like soft drinks , desserts , cakes and snacks. and choose healthy food instead.  

It appears that ‘ Kulu ‘ immediately dazzled with Spurs after going through a total of 13 games , holding 3 goals and 6 assists, unlike when he was still playing for Juventus.  

Another reason why it helps to adapt quickly is the ability to communicate in 5 languages: Swedish , English , Italian , Macedonian and a little Deutsche , so it’s not difficult to talk to people. In the team , there is also a second-hand Pierreluigi Collini, whom the club borrows from Atalanta as a mentor.  

Kulusevski ‘s next goal is to build on his performance even further to move to a proprietary Spurs lap and leverage his top form to carry the club to many trophies like Eden Hazard ‘s idol. His work for Chelsea, the former club before moving to Real Madrid .