Ramsdale pointed out Spurs duel big bets.

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Aaron Ramsdale Arsenal goalkeeper prelude to the North London derby against Spurs (May 13). Besides being a game of prestige. There are bets on big goals like tickets. Champions League group stage next season. If winning the Golden Spikes chicken coop. It’s already a happy gesture. But if you lose, you’ll have to bring when you go home.

The situation on the table.  ‘ Cannon ‘ is ranked in the fourth seat in the final team, 4 points more than ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ No. 5. So if they go to win or bad results. They will make the last 2 matches of the day play.

But if you lose In addition to being ashamed of the enemy. The pressure was immense to stay behind. Until it was difficult to play naturally for the rest of the season’s 180 minutes UFABET

Ramsdale open with ‘ Sky Sports ‘

” It’s very important, especially each of us being select for this Champions League ticket. Hunting project with head coach Mikel Arteta, seeing the dedication he’s working with each squad. That he sign in I know I’ve make it for a few years. But going through this distance is even more cool. ” 

“ If we can maintain the process of growth and carry on as we have done this season into the next season. will see the development And that’s what we’re looking forward to. ” 

“ A game against Spurs would be a lot of fun if you weren’t excited or overwhelmed by a match like this. If you do your homework in the wrong way. ” 

“ The history of meetings between the two teams over the years has been described from north to south of the country as the passion of the fans. ”

“ Myself as a new player at Arsenal , as a new fan of the team. It is believed that the duel between ‘ cannon ‘ – ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ will be the biggest of the league for a long time.  

The easy thing that will make Arsenal reinforce before visiting Spurs is that Ramsdale has watched 31 games in the country this season, keeping 12 clean sheets, considered tough enough.