Petr Cech reveals why Romelu Lukaku failed in his first with Chelsea

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Technical director Petr Cech looks at why Romelu Lukaku failed in his first career with the club due to a lack of experience and with Didier Drogba in the way.

         The Belgian national team striker moved to Stamford. Bridged in 2011 at the age of 18, but didn’t play for the club until being released to Everton at 21 and becoming a dangerous striker. Even went to play with Manchester United and Inter Milan with excellent goalscoring results.

         Cech, who was in the team when Lukaku joined the team for the first time, spoke about the reason the younger players weren’t successful in their first career with the team. because of their inexperience along with Drogba in excellent form visit too.

         “When you start your football career at 16 and are in a top league like Belgium and you start scoring goals. Obviously you have some potential and talent,” Cech told Chelsea FC.

         “When he came to Chelsea he was at a disadvantage that at the time Didier Drogba was at the peak of his career with form, Didier scores goals and we know how to use him.”

         “When Lukaku came to Chelsea it was different because of that. Anderlecht He focused on running. He got the ball and hit everyone with speed. Power and finishing At Chelsea at that time we played a No.9 striker in a different way for attacking. And it’s also a more challenging league than Belgium.”

         “He needs time to adjust. His career path was different and he succeeded wherever he went. Over the years he has noticeably improved and you can see when he says he is fully aware of the need to improve his game.” According to ufabet