Dimitar Berbatov is confident Greenwood will learn from Ronaldo.

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Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is confident Mason Greenwood will benefit greatly in the return of Cristiano Ronaldo.

         The 36-year-old returns to Old Trafford. Trafford again after leaving in 2009 has brought more hopes of a return to the club’s trophies. Which, although some voices think it may reduce the chances of playing for the youngsters, especially in Greenwood, but Berbatov sees this as an opportunity for young players to benefit the most.

         “Cristiano will help raise the level of other players in terms of training standards,” Berbatov told Betfair.

         “The one who will benefit the most is Mason Greenwood, he is a natural finisher. He likes to cut from the side and the way he closes it always ends up at the bottom of the net like Ronaldo.”

         “I hope he takes this opportunity to ask for advice. If he’s too shy, just observe. Look at him getting ready, how do you train, what do you eat? I hope he takes the opportunity to ask whatever he wants as it will definitely enhance his game.”