Rooney warned players to work hard following Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Former Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney has warned younger players to work hard following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

         The 36-year-old is known for taking care of himself and always working hard. It still maintains its excellent shape and potential to this day. Including referred to often not being allowed to come down to help the game as well.

         While Ronaldo can guarantee goals and success wherever he joins the team, Rooney pointed out that Ronaldo’s arrival means that other team-mates will have to work even harder. more

         “With Ronaldo it’s different, players like Cristiano and Lionel Messi – probably just these two. They only play half the pitch,” Rooney told The Athletic.

         “It’s not a box-to-box type. Or play a high-energy defense game that will consume your energy when you get the ball at half-court. It’s all about scoring goals.”

        “I’ve said that before. The rest of the teammates will have to work a little harder. But like last time – in the last two years playing with him – the team allowed him to do that because he scores goals and helps you win games.

Re-signing the 36-year-old is an incredible coup for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and will surely boost United’s chances of challenging for the Premier League title and winning other competitions. But Rooney has warned that the Portuguese does come with some strings attached.

While Ronaldo guarantees goals wherever he goes. He will not be tracking back or even doing much pressing and his presence in the team means his teammates will have to do more running than they have been used to.