La Liga has clarified the number of red cards this season.

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Spanish referees have issued more red cards to players this football season in contrast to the fewer fouls that La Liga has to explain.

La Liga director of competition Louis Kiel has revealed the reason for so many red cards in La Liga this season comes from the decision-making criteria given to the black shirt regarding the dismissal of players. Leaving the field has changed from the original. According to reports from Marca on Sunday 

The average number of fouls per game in La Liga over the past five seasons has remained unchanged and has even decreased slightly. From 27.7 in the 2017-18 season to 26.4 in the 2022-23 season. Average red card handed increased from 0.19 per game in the 2017-18 season to 0.4 per game this season UFABET

Fewer fouls Instead, the number of red cards handed out doubled. This trend is similar in the black-shirted Spaniards who decide UEFA matches. With their red cards nearly three times as many in the Champions League and nearly four times as many in the Europa League.

‘La Liga players are not more aggressive. The Spanish referee has changed the scale for the dismissal. The average per match this season has skyrocketed, both in La Li and in European competitions judged by the Spaniards.’ Luis Kiel said in a brief statement.

Real Betis were the team that received the most red cards this season with 12. Followed by Sevilla and Elche with 11 each. While Real Madrid were sent off the fewest once in a row this season.