Forest 0 – Manchester United 2.

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Manchester United overtake Newcastle to return to third in the table. When attacking to beat Forest 2-0 from Anthony and Diogo Dalot in English Premier League Football

Manchester United will have to make changes to the starting XI originally announced before the game, with Marcel Sabitzer injured in the warm-up and Christian Eriksen coming in instead.

The game started.

Just a minute before the Red Devils almost took the lead when Anthony opened from the right flank and was knocked out by Gaylor Navas into the way. Jadon Sancho shot the garden. But to block the home support line that is standing to control the line

But Forest also had the same chance in the 6th minute from the ball that was headed into the penalty area to Taio Awoniyi, who had shot at close range, but caught Aaron Wan-Bissaka at stand in front of the doorway UFABET

In the 18th minute, the Red Devils had a chance to lead from the moment Anthony got the ball into the penalty area on the right. But was intercepted into Bruno Fernandes, hitting the park with a full right foot, but Gaylor Navas still flew and brushed with one hand.

The home team also had the same response. In the 31st minute, Neco Williams gave a pass from the right for Danilo to rock and shoot a long distance.

And just a minute later.

It became United, who came out 1-0 when Danilo went to lose the ball easily in his own territory, Bruno paid quickly through the left penalty area for Anthony Marxiya. Followed to shoot with his left foot, Navas managed to save it. But Anthony was still fast enough to follow him to fall and prod repeatedly into the goal.

The home team almost equalized in the 44th minute from the ball. That Morgan Gibbs-White flowed, hoping to cut behind the Red Devils defensive line. But Dalot was not lost, but pushed and intercepted as if set for Taiwo Awoniyi. Got the orange ball dropped and ran into the shot. But the ball went over the bar in a very disappointing way.

Minute 45 + 1. the visiting team almost ran away. Christian Eriksen threw from the left side, curved for Bruno to head off the post a little bit.

At the end of the first half, Manchester United invaded Forest to lead 1-0.

In the second half, Forest tried to retaliate in the 52nd minute. Neco Williams pulled to the right and crossed into the penalty area for Taiwo Awoniyi to take a header. But hit very thin. So the ball didn’t go into the frame.

In the 56th minute, Manchester United were too far away when Bruno Fernandes spun with his right foot in the corner of the penalty area on the left. But Navas flew one hand to hit the crossbar to help the team again.

The next minute, the Red Devils had another chance to score another goal from Anthony’s left-foot spinning ball on the right side of the penalty area. But the ball bit the pole a little further away.

The visiting team still invaded hard. In the 61st minute, Bruno Fernandes got the ball in the left penalty area and shot a broken shift into the far post. But Navas was still narrowly pushed out of the back.

In the 71st minute, it was still United’s chance. Casemiro set up an open fort from the right side to the far post for Martial to head up alone, not in the frame.

Two minutes later, Forest has a counter-attack. Neco Williams drags a pendant from the center of the field into the penalty area on the right side. And opens it to ricochet Lindelof out of the post a little farther.

In the 74th minute, it was the Red Devils’ turn. Bruno passed the ball out to the right for Anthony to drag him into the penalty area on the right side. And shoot with his non-dominant right foot.

And 2 minutes later.

The score became 2-0 until Anthony dragged from the front of the penalty area on the right side. Cut in and flowed along the channel for Diogo Dalot to slip into a single leak to catch and shoot through Navas enters the door.

The Red Devils were then expected to score more from Bruno Fernandes’ free-kick and Jadon Sancho’s shot from the right. But it was not entirely on target.

At the end of the game, Manchester United invaded Forest 2-0. Overtaking Newcastle to go up to 3 in the table.