Figo pointed out Cristiano Ronaldo made right decesion

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Figo pointed out Cristiano Ronaldo was right not joining the Manchester City. Luis Figo believes Cristiano Ronaldo made the right decision in his return to Manchester United.

Ronaldo rejoined from Juventus from Juventus after playing for the first team between 2003 and 2009. But ended up at Old Trafford, Manchester. City, the rival city of the Red Devils Is the favorite to get a star player of the Portuguese national team to join the team 

Figo experienced a feud with Barcelona fans. When he chose to leave the Camp Nou to join Real Madrid’s all-time rivals. “Barcelona”  

“Personally, I think Manchester United is the best choice for Cristiano because it’s where he is known.”

“He made history at the club, the fans love him and I think it’s the best place for the last part of his career.”

“If he moves to an opposing team I think he will have more problems in terms of the concerns of the fans. I think it’s the best option to keep the problem to a minimum and continue its history with the club (Man Utd),” said Figo.

Figo pointed out Cristiano Ronaldo made right decesion

Cristiano flirted with Manchester City. Jorge Mendes practically came to praise his transfer from Juventus to Guardiola’s team. Everything was on track, but Sir Alex Ferguson mediated. It was one of the keys so that, finally, Cristiano ended up returning to United, where he is performing well as soon as he arrives. But the possibility that he had dressed in sky blue was there. However, Luis Figo, former player of Barcelona and Real Madrid among others, believes that it would have been a great risk for Cristiano to sign for City, United’s rival where the forward already had a history forged.

Figo claims that Cristiano made the right decision by choosing United, going to City would have been a mistake for several reasons. “I think Manchester United is the best option for Cristiano because it is a place he knows. He already has a history in that club, the fans love him and the best place to be in the final stretch of his career. If he had signed for a rival like City, would have had more problems due to the consensus of the fans. So, to have less problems, and to continue the history that he already had at United, I think he made the best decision, “the former Portuguese international told GiveMeSport

A sector of the City fans did not see Cristiano’s presence at City favorably either. And others pointed it out on the technical side. How was Cristiano going to fit into Guardiola’s framework? Sarri already had problems at Juventus. Allegri had already been conditioned before. However, at United he seems to have matched up quite well.