Dion Dublin has nudged Manchester United’s Anthony Martial

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BBC Five Live critic Dion Dublin has nudged Manchester United’s lackluster striker Anthony Martial to hurry to improve. Especially his playing attitude. After showing terrible body language in yesterday’s Carabao Cup third-round defeat by West Ham 1-0, Karang was eliminated in an orderly fashion.

Martial was keen to start the game at Old Trafford, but his goal was clean. The last time he shot was back in February, the game won. Southampton 9-0 After that he suffered a knee problem. Which resulted in missing the last 14 matches of last season. 

The situation in the 25-year-old’s squad is even more shaken when Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho are added to the summer transfer window. It turned into enormous pressure on the No. 9 forward and it was evident during Wednesday’s game, according to the former ‘Red Devils’ forward.

“We need to see more of Anthony Martial, it has been said many times before but it doesn’t seem to help him solve the problem,” the 1992-94 United alumnus said. 

“I want to see him running until he’s sweaty and able to pass the ball into the bottom of the net. That guy has had few shots since playing for United. That thought the performance might have been flashy at the start but then didn’t do anything. 

“Seeing that guy’s body language is really bad. He doesn’t want to run wild and be diligent enough to wear the No.9 shirt of Manchester United.” 

“There were still parts during the game where Manchester United weren’t good enough, the last area was a mess.” 

True to what Dublin said, because United had 27 shots on target last night. Including several shots at the targets clean.