Mane 2 assists Senegal’s 3-1 to the playoffs in Africa Cup.

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Senegal qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals. After beating Equatorial Guinea 3-1 in which Liverpool star Sadio Mane provided two assists.

In the quarter-finals, Senegal has Liverpool’s Sadio Mane fit in after suffering a head injury in the latest game. While Equatorial Guinea has Real Murcia midfielder Pablo Canet lead the army.

In the 21st minute. Senegal got an opportunity when Nampalis Mendy threw the ball. For Famara Diadio to pull into the box before firing past the block. But still not through the hands of the Equatorial Guinea gatekeeper. 

Senegal led 1-0 until seven minutes later. Sadio Mane UFABET had a rhythm flowing the ball into the penalty area for Famara Diadiu to follow. And shoot with the left to pass the ball into the first post decisively.

Then Senegal dominated the offensive game with a clear superiority and a lot of hope. Another time from Nompalis Mendy’s long shot but made a save before the half-time score 1-0.

In the second half of the 50th minute, the referee blows. Got a penalty after the ball hit the hand of Kalidou Koulibaly, defender from Napoli, but there was a Czech VAR before reversing the decision to not give a penalty.

But seven days later.

Equatorial Guinea equalized 1-1, obtained from an excellent pass before being Pablo Canet, sent to Yannick Buila, caught with the left and shot right from 14 yards. The ball hit the pole absolutely.

But Senegal led again to 2-1 in the 68th minute when the Equatorial Guinea defender headed and cleared the ball, causing the ball backwards before Chiku Cuyate pushed the ball over the goalkeeper’s head.

The score flowed 3-1 in the 79th minute. Sadio Mane received the ball from the left side before going into the penalty area and offering to Ismaila Sarr, the substitute who came down in the second half, shot an empty shot.

After the game, Senegal defeated Equatorial Guinea 3-1 and advanced to the semi-finals to face Burkina Faso on February 2, while the other matchup was Cameroon and Africa Cup.