It’s this kind of game that England needs.

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It’s this kind of game that England needs.

Didn’t say that the game Georgia-oh-Australia It’s no use. At least it’s an opportunity for Southgate to test the reserve players. who rarely have a chance to shine in the country

But meeting a “solid” like Italy is the kind of game. That England should use to get use to it. and strengthen the bones of their own players.

Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and world champions Argentina and Brazil, these should be regular ‘guests’ of England three or four times a year, rather than having to wait and see them at tournaments. Big comment (and lost and eliminated) only

What happened in this qualifying round, England is guaranteed to advance to the final round since there are still 2 matches left in the queue (next month. Against Malta and North Macedonia. without meaning) to emphasize that Their level was already higher than B grade teams.

and to be able to compete with A+ competitors like evenly matched competitors That is, we need to add an A+ game experience to more than it already is. Report from ufabet

Today’s offensive line is consider outstanding.

For the 3-1 victory over Italy. They were shot ahead. Said that there are still enough problems in the defensive game against the Lions. But it is enough to understand that today The left-back is an eyesore for the team (Trippier) and the midfield is still not in place. With a belove son like Calvin Phillips, the timing can’t beat. After sitting on the bench throughout the era with Manchester City.

Most importantly, England’s brilliance in attack today is good enough to cover up any defensive problems.

Phil Foden takes the Italian defender on tour every time he gets a chance.

Marcus Rashford “presses the formula” and cuts from the left inside to shine with the right. Hit the post in such a way that Donnarumma could just turn around and look.

Harry Kane confidently took the penalty kick and “snatched away” taking the ball past the Italian defenders to score the final goal 3-1, his 61st goal of his country’s service.

As for Jude Bellingham, even though he didn’t score, he made 1 assist (plus 1 called for a penalty), classified as a Man of the Match performance in many news agencies.