Grading England’s players for their explosive performance

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Grading England’s players for their explosive performance, shooting past Italy 3-1, guaranteed tickets to Euro 2024: Player Ratings.

• Despite falling behind, England quickly returned to the game. Including not wasting the opportunity to overtake
• In the end, England beat Italy 1-1, guaranteeing passage to the final round of Euro 2024
• And this is the score of the abilities of the Three Lions’ players in this game. Report from สมัคร ufabet

England player ratings

Jordan Pickford – 6

No rights to defend in the 1-0 goal, which was hit at close range by Skamucca, after which there were a few saves. Just didn’t find the job very difficult. From a total of 4 Italian shot opportunities on target.

Kieran Trippier – 5

Had to shift to a position he was not comfortable with, like left-back. With the team lacking options And it was clear that he was having trouble dealing with the Italian’s right flank. Good luck with this game. The English offensive line can cover up every problem.

Harry Maguire – 6

A failed communication with partner John Stones opened the way for Scamacca to find a clear target. But later it was considered that he was not bad at dealing with the Azzurri’s offensive game. and has a good enough passer to open the game

John Stones – 5

lost their position and couldn’t move back down to follow Scamacca until they quickly lost 1-0. Later, although they still made up for it by having enough to make an important interception. But overall it is a very bad game. until the first person was removed

Kyle Walker – 6

battled with Stefan El Shaarawy for fun throughout the game. And with having to face the Italian attacker directly As a result, he didn’t get many opportunities to add to the offensive game.

Declan Rice – 7

Had a relatively quiet first half. Including playing a little wrong. in conced goals But in the second half, the game was adjusted down to do better. and clearly made England’s midfield tighter It does not open the way for Italy to create games.

Calvin Phillips – 4

clearly lacks the opportunity to play on the field with his agency. Makes rust all over the shins and legs. He was the worst English player on the pitch. Involved in conceding the first goal And if the referee is a bit harsh, they might also give a red card during the tackle.

Phil Foden – 8

Played with flashes, good quality, high ball sense. The Italian home team had a headache almost every time they had to deal with Foden when they had the ball. Considered to be the correct choice for Gareth Southke. T in giving it the real deal

Jude Bellingham – 8

played with a high quality. Pounded in until a penalty was called and the score was 1-1, then walked the game with confidence. It is a difficult task for the visiting team’s defense to clean up after them. Until he assisted Rashford in pushing the ball over to take the lead 2-1, which was considered a good form continuing from playing for Real Madrid.

Marcus Rashford – 7

chances to score a promising free kick from the first ten minutes. But it flew over the crossbar and was thrilling. Later, the overall picture still played like a party. It’s quite a bit of singles football. But keeping your head down and dribbling led to a golden opportunity to score a goal into the far post to overtake the lead 2-1.

Harry Kane – 8

little chance of finishing when faced with a weak Italian defense. As for the 1-1 equalizing goal from the penalty spot, it was considered a goal scored according to the standard it should be. before nailing the coffin 3-1 with a sharp solo goal. Used his speed to take the ball away from defenders and brilliantly shine past Donnarumma.