The risks of menstruation that you should know

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The risks of menstruation that you should know

How to speed up menstruation. That we recommend above It’s a safe way. and is not harmful to healthy adult women. But if you have food allergies, allergies to certain drugs or herbs. I may have to be careful or avoid that kind of food. Even if it can help speed up the menstruation Instead, use other, safer methods of accelerating menstruation. who wants to buy herbs or supplements. That help accelerate menstruation to eat Should consult a doctor well first.

Hormonal birth control may not suitable for some people. Because it may increase your risk of developing blood clots stroke or have a heart attack And those who smoke or are over 35 years old are also at greater risk of side effects from birth control pills. should consult a doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions strictly

Also, if you suspect you are pregnant You should consult with your doctor before speeding up your period. Especially if you want to speed up your period with birth control pills. or menstrual drugs popularly known as female medicine because it can cause miscarriage. Report from ufabet

Menstruation has this kind of problem. should see a doctor

Menstrual problems do not come or irregular menstruation It can be the result of certain medical conditions, so if you have any of the following menstrual symptoms or conditions: don’t be complacent should see a doctor

suspected of being pregnant No period for 3 consecutive months Menopause before the age of 45 years, over the age of 55 and still having periods bleeding after sex Sudden menstrual changes, such as irregular or erratic having post-menopausal bleeding (Postmenopausal bleeding) is bleeding for more than 12 months after menopause. Bleeding during hormone replacement therapy

The reasons for late menstruation are as follows:

Normally, the menstrual cycle lasts 21-35 days, but some people may experience irregular periods. also known as Lack of menstruation (Amenorrhea), which is if a woman is over 15 years old but her first period has not yet come. or women. Whose does not come for more than 3 consecutive months It is assumed that there is a lack of menstruation. Which causes to come late or irregular menstruation may be caused by

stress, underweight or too much having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hormonal birth control, chronic health problems such as diabetes , celiac disease, thyroid disorders enter golden age or menopause (Menopause) pregnancy, how to speed up come faster